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Current Version: 2.06
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Collect Stripe payments using your Formidable Forms. Formidable Forms – Stripe is a Premium Wordpress Plugin developed by Strategy11.

Collect Stripe payments using your Formidable Forms.

Stripe payments for WordPress

Do you want to safely collect credit card payments from your own site without a full eCommerce solution? This Stripe WordPress plugin helps you do exactly that. Create a form with any fields you choose, and set it to collect one-time or recurring credit card payments. In just a few minutes, you'll be collecting Stripe payments directly on your WordPress site. Would you like to offer the option to pay with a card or mail a check? Just add conditional logic in your Stripe plugin settings to only show the credit card field and charge it when your users say so.

Stripe WordPress plugin features

  • Collect Stripe payments without sending people away from your site.
  • With Stripe, the credit card details are not saved or submitted to your site, so you don't have to worry about PCI compliance.
  • Setup one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.
  • Use the frm-subscriptions shortcode to show a logged-in user their list of subscriptions and allow easy cancelations.
  • Use Formidable Pro calculated fields to charge different amounts based on selections in the form.
  • Refund charges and cancel subscriptions directly from your site.
  • When a charge is refunded in Stripe, it will automatically be marked as refunded on your site.
  • Make automatic changes to your entry after a Stripe payment is completed, refunded, or failed. This allows you to only publish posts and entries that have been paid for.
  • After the Stripe payment is received, trigger other form actions including email notifications, add to MailChimp lists, and Twilio SMS.
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