Elegant Themes – Extra – Version – 4.14.2

version 4.14.2 ( updated 11-30-2021 )
– Fixed issue with Divi activation upon editing Divi Layout Block in Gutenberg.
– Fixed the margin applying for the icon with the left placement in the Blurb module.
– Fixed delayed editor switching from GB to VB when activating VB by replacing waitForSave() that is based [email protected]/data’s subscribe() with evaluating state and props change that is already passed by Higher Order Component from store’s state.
– Fixed break in gallery module tablet layout when item titles have different lengths.
– Added wrapper to expanded icon picker styles.
– Fixed Text alignment option not working on front-end pages.
– Fixed padding setting for modules that have buttons (including the Button module) and set an button’s icon.
– Fixed issue that renders invisible text in Gutenberg editor.