AffiliateWP – REST API Extended

Current Version: 1.1
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Adds write, edit, and delete endpoints to the AffiliateWP REST API. AffiliateWP – REST API Extended is a Premium Wordpress Plugin developed by Sandhills Development.

Adds write, edit, and delete endpoints to the AffiliateWP REST API.

AffiliateWP includes a full read-only RESTful API that allows developers and external applications to interact with  data in the AffiliateWP databases. This REST API Extended add-on adds Create, Update, and Delete operations into the mix, giving developers and external applications complete  control over data in the AffiliateWP databases. With the REST API Extended add-on, the following  actions are available  to the REST API for affiliates, creatives, referrals, visits, and payouts:
  • Create affiliate/creative/referral/visit/payout
  • Update affiliate/creative/referral/visit/payout
  • Delete affiliate/creative/referral/visit/payout
The possibilities enabled with this extended API are nearly endless. A few examples of possible applications include:
  • Visit and referral tracking from external websites, including non-WordPress sites
  • Referral tracking in custom and non-WordPress eCommerce systems
  • Synchronization of affiliate accounts across multiple databases and servers
  • Automatically updating affiliate accounts when changes are made from external  applications
  • Creating referral records for affiliates each time an order is processed in an external payment processor
  • Custom affiliate areas hosted outside of WordPress
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