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Current Version: 1.1.0
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Automations samples AutomatorWP – Webhooks is a Premium Wordpress Plugin developed by AutomatorWP.

Webhooks add-on adds new triggers and actions to let’s you send and receive data from webhooks.

You can send and receive data from anywhere, from external applications, Zapier, Integromat or, included, from another site with this add-on installed.

Any website, application or service with support to webhooks or with a Rest API can be connected with this add-on and, in consequence, with your WordPress site!

Automations samples

Discover thousands of ways to connect our Webhooks add-on with other WordPress plugins


When user purchases a product


Send data to Integromat


On receive data from Zapier


Enroll user in a course


When user earns a rank


Send data to webhook

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