Media Cleaner (Pro)

Current Version: 6.2.6
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Clean your WordPress from unused or broken media entries and files. Media Cleaner (Pro) is a Premium Wordpress Plugin developed by Meow Apps.

Clean your WordPress from unused or broken media entries and files.

Clean your WordPress from the useless files in the filesystem, and unused entries in the Media Library. This extremely powerful tool has been perfected and even rewritten completely through time and numerous collaborations. You will love it.

Media Cleaner detects unused or useless files in your WordPress. It cleans your Media Library and your Filesystem. To achieve this, it analyzes your WordPress install in order to find out which files are actually in use. It is the only tool that is able to perform all those tasks and we are working hard to keep it always up to date.

Filesystem Scan

Analyzes the files directly. It's recommended to remove all the ones which are not referenced in your Media Library.

Support for Page-Builders

Page-builders are tricky to support, as they encode the usage of your data in their own way. We make sure all page-builders are well-supported, such as Divi, WPBakery, Fusion, Elementor, Beaver, Brizy, Oxygen, etc.

Support for Exotic Plugins

There are thousands of plugins out there, and many of them add new ways of using data. We will make sure everything is supported, such as ACF, ZipList Recipe, UberMenu, etc. Any issue? Contact us.

Live-site Analysis

Will analyze your website as if a real visitor was browsing it, increasing the quality of the detection.


Are you a power user? If yes, you will be able to add Media Cleaner in your scripts, or run it from the shell. It will run much faster, and anytime you like.


Removing files on a website in a nasty and difficult operation, but this plugin makes it easy.


We have worked for years on this plugin to make it as fast as possible. I goes through all the tiny bits of your website!

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