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Current Version: 2.3
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Speed up your site by deactivation of useless scripts and styles.

Speed up your site by deactivation of useless scripts and styles.

  • speed up - exclude useless CSS & JS added by theme/plugins
  • support W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, Cache Enabler - squeeze 110% from popular speed up plugins
  • make site user friendly - consume less bandwidth
  • increase PageSpeed, YSlow and Pingdom score
  • actively maintened - last update: 5 days ago, 1yr support
  • easy to use - configure in 5 minutes, multisite support

How to speed up WordPress?

Did you know that plugins like slider, map or contact form load CSS and JS files on each page? Did you know they are busting your website performance and negatively affect page speed score? Use Gonzales to load them conditionally depending on page you're visiting. It's simple and lightweight tool which allows to get rid of useless CSS and JS files registered by themes and plugins. This plugin allows you to get rid of CSS and JavaScript files that are simply useless. Less is better, right? One of the biggest problem of modern websites is page weight. It's not a big deal if you send content like text or images but have you ever wondered what percent of entire load represent styles and scripts? That's a real problem - to achieve compromise between performance and website quality you must optimize content efficiently. In other words you have to eliminate useless load (e.g. removing scripts and stylesheets added by Contact Form 7 from pages where is not used). This WordPress plugin do not remove files from server - it's completly safe speeding up tool. Gonzales disable them using WordPress hooks.

How it's possible?

Gonzales is not another clone of WordPress performance plugin. So what's the difference between this and other optimization tools? It truly gets rid of problem by excluding JS/CSS from HTML code while other speed up plugins mask problem only - they use compression/merging method to minimize website size. In fact such a website still loads useless files which affect website performance.Gonzales uses brand new way of WordPress optimization method which other plugins do not use. I don't want you to uninstall other awesome tools like Cache Enabler, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or WP Rocket - Gonzales works with them symbiotically and you don't need to configure anything! Nice way to speed up WordPress, huh?

So... how to speed up WordPress?

Just play video below :) Warning. Following movie presents installation and configuration of Gonzales 1.x with different user interface. I'm preparing new video and it should be available soon. Meanwhile see how to speed up your WordPress website. Rewind to 11:21 to see before/after optimization effects. Results of Gonzales v1 and v2 are similar (v2 have slightly better because of new assets control mechanism).
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