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Current Version: 2.8.11
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Access control and roles management. Toolset – Access is a Premium Wordpress Plugin developed by OnTheGoSystems.

Access control and roles management.

Access lets you add custom roles and control their privileges. You can control what actions different roles and users can do on content and what WordPress admin screens users can access. Access Control for Standard and Custom Content Types Access lets you control what different users can do in the WordPress admin and what they can read in the front-end. You can set access rules for user types and for specific users. Go to Toolset -> Access Control and you will see a list of everything that Access can manage. It will always include posts, pages, tags and categories. When your site uses custom post types and taxonomy, they will appear as well. Access Control for Fields Using the Access plugin, you can control who can see and edit different fields. This way, you can create fields that some users can modify and other users can only see, or not see at all. Here are some examples of why you need access control for user fields:
  • A membership site - the site admin can change user membership levels, each user can see his membership and others cannot.
  • A listing site - users need to pay to change listing settings, site admins can edit anything.
With Access integration, you can assign privileges to all users of a certain type or to specific users.
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