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Current Version: 2.2.6
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Social Proof Marketing Plugin for WordPress. WPfomify – WordPress Plugin is a Premium Wordpress Plugin developed by IdeaBox Creations.

Social Proof Marketing Plugin for WordPress.

Use Social Proof to Increase Conversions on Your Website WPfomify increases  conversion rates on your website by displaying recent sales & signups.

Display what's Happening on Your Website!

Tell your visitors what other visitors are doing - purchase, sign ups, reviews etc.

Display Customer Activity

WPfomify adds notifications at the bottom of the screen to display real time customer activity on your website.

Increase Credibility

Real time customer activity increases credibility on your website, just like a queue outside a restaurant.

Boost Conversions

Increased credibility and social proof eventually lead to increase in conversions on your website. Yes, it's that simple!

Packed with Powerful Features to Boost your Business

Take a look at the amazing features that WPfomify offers.

Easy to Setup

WPfomify's well thought UI makes it easy to use and setup. Get started quickly.

Powerful Integrations

WPfomify works with popular WordPress plugins and email marketing services.

Design Options

Easily customize the look and feel for WPfomify to match with your site's branding.

Real Time Customer Acitivity

Display real time customer activity data from your eCommerce or LMS website.

Subscriber Activity

Connect WPfomify with your mailing service and share who is joining your list.

Client Reviews

You can use WPfomify to display client reviews and ratings in sleek notification style.

Create Urgency

Showing time-limited offers can help you boost your conversions by creating urgency.

Conversion Tracking

WPfomify provides UTM fields to add your parameters and track with Google Analytics.

WPfomify integrates with Popular WordPress Plugins & Web Services

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